Sunday, January 28, 2007

I Have Lots of Yarn

One of my goals in 2007 is to bring a bit more order to my life. That includes my stash.

I like yarn. I came back to knitting a few years ago, and seem to have acquired quite a respectable stash. I like yarn. I like the colors. I like the textures. I want to dye my own (ah, my rationalization to buy lots of hand-dyed sock yarn, it's to get ideas of what I like and want to try!) Working at the LYS is almost tangential to this. I've got yarn from eBay, online vendors, Etsy, souvenir yarn while traveling, Stitches. I have to step over yarn to get into my office. I have yarn that needs to find a new home where it will be loved. I have yarn I don’t even know that I have.

But, people collect stamps and don't use them. Why can't I collect yarn?

OK, so I also have some startitis issues too. We'll get to that later.

I've resisted blogging for a while. So why now? Maybe I'll document my projects a bit better and have a place for the photos. I'll have a place to post some pattern mods to share with friends. Maybe it will help my knitting life be more orderly. Maybe I’ll keep better track of all the lace and socks I want to knit. Maybe it's just to flaunt my stash and celebrate new finds!

I'll have photos later.