Monday, February 19, 2007

Deferred Gratification

It is important for me to say first that the delay in my receiving these yarns was absolutely not the fault of the vendors. They were fabulous. I ordered the yarn when I thought I was going home sooner and had it shipped there. FOUR weeks later, I asked my darling husband to send me a care package, because I just couldn’t wait any longer. Though I am leaving Mom’s on Wednesday, I’m headed to the house in Mathews, VA to check on our frozen pipes and won’t be home for another week.

Some things ARE worth waiting for!

Cider Moon sent me Icicle, their lightweight sock yarn in:
June Carter, wow!

And Wildwood, gorgeous!

Each skein is 500+yds of soft 100% superwash merino with a medium twist and a nice sheen. Plus, yes, plus, there were three mini-balls of surprise yarns!

Now the color is very hard to capture on the next yarn, since I haven’t set up my Norma-approved light box yet. But, it’s Lime & Violet Deep Blue, 460yds of superwash merino.
So squooshy, so soft, so much richer colors than I can get out of the camera.

These are great additions to the collection.

Soon, you will get some photos from the Bay.