Friday, February 23, 2007

ECF: Hunter, Gatherer

I hunted. I found Knitting Sisters in Williamsburg. I gathered.

Claudia Hand Painted Yarn, superwash merino fingering wt, Jungle

Lornas Laces Shepherd Sock, 80% wool, 20% nylon, Manzanita

Colinette Jitterbug, superwash merino, fingering weight, Castagna

Lantern Moon ebony shorty sock needles US1

Some odd balls of Jamieson & Smith jumperweight to add to the half dozen skeins my stepdaughter brought me from Scotland.

I managed not to lock myself out of anything today, no small victory. But the brand new oven is kerflooey and it decided to broil two pans of brownies rather than bake them. They were going to a potluck tonight. Oh well.

Am I living up to the name Lots of Yarn?