Friday, February 16, 2007

ECF, Yarn Pron Friday, UFO's done!

ECF Yarn Pron first: Schaefer Anne 114, relaxing on my Oriel Stole in Classic Elite Wings.
Schaefer Anne #114 sock yarn

Cat stitch markers from Beadmarkers Etsy shop. Karen custom made these for me with smaller loops for lace and socks. I have three cats, grey tabby, black, and light grey and got my stitch markers to match my cats. Is that cute, or have I just gone too far?
Cat Stitch Markers

EZ Pi shawl is DONE! I won't have a chance to block it until next week, and will have photos then.

The second Fuzzy Foot is DONE! Now I've picked up the felted tote and will continue on that as it's pretty mindless round and round at this point. I may wait until I'm home and felt these all at once.
Fuzzy Feet Before