Saturday, February 10, 2007

Startitis: What is it? Can it be cured?

Some find their fun in starting projects, others in the doing, still others in finishing them. This goes beyond the process v. product dialogue. Practical and goal-oriented project manager that I am, on reflection (one of the reasons I’m doing this) perhaps I am more process than I thought.

I mean, I do want to create useful finished objects rather than art pieces for their own sake. Yet, I collect techniques, patterns, and knitting trivia in my internet travels at a prolific rate to rival my laceweight and sock yarn buying.

Ever get a wild hair and throw something on the needles, only to lose interest and set it aside for “when I can concentrate better”, or “watching TV”, or “at the office while I’m waiting for something to print”, or usually “Hey that’s cool let me try that” with this yarn I just happen to have here in the stash? Then you may have startitis too.

I like to start things. I feel a bit guilty about the unfinished objects, and the heaps of started projects littering my office at home are kind of annoying, and with the arm I’m just not a super fast knitter. But, now that I am a Yarn Collector and all, instead of a stashoholic, I believe I will rename the office my “Studio” with its “Archives” and dare my husband to criticize the [mess] creative juices flowing around the room. No, I’m not just fondling the yarn, I’m “Curating” the collection. Now I must say, I had decided to resurrect some UFO’s, just to provide a little more space in my brain for new projects, before I even heard about the group. And it will be great to finish some projects that have been nagging me. But, No, I’m never going to be a one-project girl.

So, where was I? Here’s an example of my form of Process, and how I use it to justify my knitting ADD. I love learning new techniques – I took Short Rows with Fiona Ellis at Stitches just to know more about them, and she is a wonderful teacher by the way. Among my knitting goals for 2007 is to try Entrelac. Just because. Because I haven’t done it, because it’s there, because if someone in the shop asks me how I can show them. I might like it, I might not. But, I will know how to do it.

To Do: more intricate stranded colorwork, more complex lace, more types of sock heels, illusion knitting. I think I’ll make a list of my 2007 challenges for the sidebar and see what gets crossed off the list.

I spend a lot of time online reading, bookmarking, and absorbing knitting lessons from the blogs. It helps that I am good at following instructions, learning from examples and just picking things up as I go. I love to help figure out a knitting problem for someone in the shop. Even if I don’t know how to do it when the question is asked, I usually do by the time we figure it out. Setting the mistakes right is fun for me.

Of the UFO’s I brought with me to Hagerstown:
Amble socks, still stalled until I get home to the other ball of yarn;
Pi Shawl, two-thirds around the 576 live stitches with edging;
Husband socks, second sock past the heel and halfway up the leg;
Jaywalkers, stalled but are will be my waiting room knitting when Husband socks are done;
Touch Me scarf, untouched;
Felted Tote, languishing;
Fuzzy Feet, still a fuzzy foot;
Pink/Blue stripe socks, get back to work.

See what I mean about startitis? Those are just the projects I brought with me.

A Fuzzy Foot, pre-felting