Tuesday, February 13, 2007

UFO Resurrection / WIP: Pi Shawl

I have eight more repeats to finish the edging and call this one done.

I started this shawl, sometime late 2005, set it aside a couple of times, and picked it up after Xmas knitting and brought it with me to Mom’s to finally finish it. It may be gifted, I’m not decided yet.

The yarn is Cherry Tree Hill’s Merino Lace and I like everything about it except the color (though everyone else who’s seen it loves the color). I’ll have half a hank left, or about another 1200yds, so there may be some overdyeing in this yarn’s future. The merino laceweight is about medium laceweight – at 4800yds/pound (approx 4425m/450g) it’s a bit heavier than Zephyr and a bit lighter than J&S sheltand laceweight. The yarn is quite soft and warm.

It was knitted on a progression of needles from US5/3.75mm at the center to US7/4.5mm at the perimeter, and US5 for the edging. By the way, I am loving the KnitPicks Options needles for even simple lace like this.

The pattern comes from EZ’s Knitter’s Almanac. Since I think the pattern looks like a big daisy, I modified the chart for the last section to add a diamond in each repeat and another level of petals, and chose the simple Doris edging to echo the little diamonds. Well, first I charted the written out instructions.

This was an easy knit in that every other row is just knit, and there are no corners. The round shape may not be as versatile as a square or triangle, but we’ll see after it’s blocked. Pre-blocking size is about 48” but I’m expecting it to grow to 60”+.