Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Another one into the vortex*

*Thanks Margene for the title.

Today I made yarn.
Tiny Skein

Yes, that is the world’s tiniest skein, but parts of it are really quite yarn-like. Not bad for an hour and a half’s work and the first time I’ve ever tried spinning!

On the way HOME from Mathews, I stopped well off the beaten path in Powhatan, Virginia, for a drop spindle lesson with Kathy Oliver at Holly Spring Handspun. Kathy raises her own cashmere goats and has her own line of handspun yarns, and now under the Scarlet Fleece label, hand-dyed yarns.

Coincidentally, yesterday, two knitters brought wheels to the Knitting Guild of Tidewater’s Tuesday afternoon Sit ‘n’ Knit at the Gloucester Public Library. I watched and asked many, many questions. Thanks Cathy and Dee!

I came home with (two) Grafton Fibers Nina spindle(s). I know, but I couldn’t decide which I liked best. Nina One, Birdseye Maple 1.9oz. Nina Two, Something-illegible-scribbled-on-the-tag-but-the-wood looks-like-mahogany 1.6oz. Half a pound of Australian merino-corriedale hand-dyed roving and 4oz of merino top.

Grafton Fibers Nina 1

Grafton Fibers Nina 2

Australian Wool Roving

Merino Top