Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Lace/Fingering Yarn Stash of Delicate and Ladylike Proportions

So, see that item on the sidebar under To Do, “Organize Yarn & Pattern Collections”. That’s what all this stash-flashing is about – a long overdue spring cleaning. My office looks like rednecks live there and I’m half expecting to find an old truck up on blocks in there soon.
Pig Pen
It’s starting to drive me crazy, and while the Husband is away, it’s easier to tear whole rooms apart to reorganize them.

So, today’s project is the lace yarn stash. This group includes some yarns I’ve been stashing in anticipation of taking on some really big lace projects, as well as future small wraps and scarves that will be gifts. I've got a range of yarns from true cobweb weight to almost DK, but all are planned for lace or lacy knitting. Enough stalling.
Lace/Fingering Yarn Stash Before
Obligatory Before Shot. The lace yarns are pretty much already bagged to protect them so not as much craziness here as the sock yarns.

Lace/Fingering Yarn Stash After
Click on the image and check out the notes on Flickr, I’ve got everything labeled.

A little de-stashing is planned here, but not much as these have always been intended for long-term storage. The cool thing for me is that I have been making detailed inventory sheets of all the yarns so far. Even though they will be put away, I'll be able to look up yardage for project planning.