Friday, March 16, 2007

Last of the Stash Flashed

There may yet be yarn hiding from me. But all that I know of has been brought out, sorted, inventoried, and organized. I’m exhausted. There will be de-stashing.

Let’s start with an easy one, shall we.
Lambs Pride Bulky
Well behaved rainbow of Lamb’s Pride Bulky, it was already in a bin, waiting for happy felting projects.

Here’s some Noro.
Noro Kureyon & Silk Garden
All the Kureyon will be de-stashed, the Silk Garden stays for a vest.

I’m torn about the Peace Fleece. I bought it for a Husband vest, but it was just too stiff for the gauge I needed. This would make wonderful felted projects. In fact I can see it as a small rug. But I just don’t do that much felting as it hurts my hands to knit with big needles anymore.
Peace Fleece
Peace Fleece. May be de-stashed.

Here’s the bulk of the Random Stash. The Flickr image has notes on it all.
Random Stash Before
Before de-stashing.

Random Stash After
After. Aren’t you proud of me!

When I was a baby, my mother got me a knitted Christmas stocking. A couple of years ago, I found a pattern that is almost the same, to make one for the Husband, who doesn’t have a stocking. His ex got his stocking I guess.
Xmas Stocking
I even have the little ball of super fuzzy angora for the beard and eyebrows.

We’re almost done.

I have cotton yarn too. Does that surprise you at all? Didn’t think so.
Cotton Stash
No after photo, because I forgot, but there are notes. Most of this will eventually become some cute summer sweaters.

Need warshcloths? Then you need warshcloth yarn.
Warshcloth Stash

Now, if there were a soundtrack to this blog, we would hear some ominous, tension-inducing minor chords. We are coming to the stash that has truly dogged me for years.
Antique Stash, hiding
Don’t let that innocent organic cotton tote fool you.

See in this next photo, up in the top corner, there’s a receipt, for some Bartlettyarns I bought in a shop in Portland, Maine.
Antique Stash revealed
Antique Stash, notes on Flickr

In 1986.

The Pingouin, of course doesn’t exist anymore. The Galway, I think was being discontinued at TNL, ‘cause otherwise I have no idea why I bought it.

But, the Jewel in my Stash Crown, in the bottom left corner, is the black tweedy yarn I bought in Ireland, in the Summer of 1984. Yes, that’s right, this yarn has been in my stash for almost 23 years!

Wanna see the De-stash pile?
De-stash planned

And today besides this, I did our corporate taxes and have not knit a stitch.