Sunday, March 18, 2007

Then I found my husband lying on the furnace room floor

Sorry, that was mean. I found this on the furnace room floor a few years ago. Why it was there, I don't know. I also found his UVa diploma in the furnace room, courtesy of the ex. But isn't this priceless?
PHB bowtie
He was known to get into some mischief according to his older siblings.

I have been taking breaks from the massive stash/office reorganization project. In fact, I've been staying up late working on this project.
Spinning 20070318
Please note the fancy toilet-paper roll spinning equipment.

It is hoping to be about 250yds of 2-ply to make a little lacy scarf. I'm gradually getting more even and consistent. Yes, spinning is nothing if not a process. I'll defintely be looking for fiber and maybe a lighter spindle at Sedalia.