Sunday, March 11, 2007

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The Yarn Lounge - Krista

Krista of Naked Sheep and I went to Richmond’s Carytown yesterday to check out The Yarn Lounge, where “It’s Hip to Knit”. I don’t know if I’m any hipper than when I left, but I loved the shop. What a wonderful selection of natural fibers. So many alpacas, silks, cashmeres, organic wools, handspuns, hand-dyes, cottons!
The Yarn Lounge

Melanie and Cate were so helpful and welcoming. We spent quite a bit of time browsing and sitting and knitting at the big front table. We never even made it back to the comfy-chair-filled lounge. Saturday was a wonderfully warm break from the late-wintry weather we’ve been having. The sun was out, the door was open, the yarn was soft, what more could you want?

I got to meet Mary of Virgin Wool (hope you’re feeling better!) and later Liz (ETA her blog is Poke You with My Sticks). We all had a wonderful lunch at the Can Can Brasserie, then some antiques, the toy store, and back to the yarn shop.

I am here to state for the Good Man (it’s here on the internet, it must be true) that Krista stuck to her budget, despite my best efforts to enable! Yay Krista!

I was doing quite well, had no plans to really buy much – selected a couple of patterns (the full version of Flower Basket Shawl, and Gene Beugler’s Fuschia Lace Scarves), a couple of skeins of plain vanilla Gems Opal for dyeing some sportweight sock yarn,
Louet Gems Opal white

and three skeins of some lovely Blue Sky Alpacas Alpaca & Silk sportweight for a small shawl.
Blue Sky Alpaca/Silk, pale green

Doing so well. Waiting by the register. Basket of qiviut. I’m weak. Two balls for a very warm husband scarf in a color that matches his eyes. You know what? You cannot regret buying qiviut.
Qiviuk moss

So, um, Lots of Yarn.

Because, when I got home, my first package from The Yarn Yard Sock Yarn Club had arrived from Scotland! Each club yarn comes with a small coordinating skein for heels and toes. March’s yarn is Iris with eight shades from a spring iris garden. The colors are much more subtle in person, but here it is with added cat nose.
Yarn Yard Club March 2007

Friday night, bored and with the husband away, I stayed up late and finished spinning and plying my first real skein of yarn. It’s about 44yds of light bulky weight. Forty-four yards might not seem like much to you, but considering that I first touched a drop spindle four days ago, I'm proud of myself. I want to spin finer yarns since that's what I use, but right now I’m working on not wildly over-spinning the plies. So, I thought I would go for softer and more even first, then thinner. Spinners out there, tell me if I should go about it differently. I like the texture of this roving better than the pure merino I’m also trying, but still just do not like the colors.
Handspun 20070309