Thursday, April 5, 2007

Could be a lot worse

My cat Stratton has a very loud purr and uses it often. In fact he is named for a Briggs & Stratton engine. He is just a big ball o' love most of the time. So when, after his limping and moping around the house for a day or so, he yowled, took a swipe at me and tried to bite me while checking his hurt wheel this morning, it was time for a trip to the vet. Diagnosis: a broken/dislocated "wrist", anesthesia, a splint, a night at the hospital, we'll have to keep him in as long as we all can stand it, and PT. Who knew cats had wrists? Yes, the cat and I will get to do PT together.
Stratton on the scaffolding
My husband got these shots of Stratton "helping" the roofers while I was away.

Stratton "helping" the roofers
How surprised am I that this is the one of the three cats with a broken wrist?

Then the water in our house stopped running. I mean not a drop dripping. In the middle of a load of laundry of course. Either the well pump burned up, the pressure tank has a blown relay, or I don't know, the well is dry. The well is and has been shot for a while. Well drillers tomorrow. Whee!