Friday, April 20, 2007

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Catching Up on Some Things

Stratton splint-3

First, a huge Thank You! to all who sent healing thoughts for our kitty Stratton. After giving us quite a scare, he is doing amazingly well. Cats seem to have a super immune system and ability to heal. Be glad I am sparing you the details of just how infected his foot and leg were. I will say that I have seen more cat pus and stuff that is supposed to be covered with fur than I really needed to. This morning I found Stratton on one side of the room, and his bandage on the other. He has become so adept at removing his own bandages that, today, after his second vet visit in as many days, we may get to go bandage free. Still waiting to see how much granulating and epithelializing occurs, or if skin grafts are in his near future.
Stratton splint-4
I’m going to suggest we not tell the Husband I posted this one.

A WIP you didn’t even know about:
FO!! Mimi asked me to knit a sample of the recent Knitters Review One-Skein Scarf for the shop, and it had to be done in time for her to take to Stitches Camp. Hurry! Gloomy day photos will have to do since the sun is out today, but the shawl left for Asheville yesterday.
One skein Shawl

One skein ArtYarns Silk Rhapsody, 100g-260yds, in a palest blue/silver colorway. I used all but about 10yds. Knit on US11’s rather than US13’s with three extra increase rows and one extra eyelet edging row. Finished size after blocking 72” x 32”.
One Skein Shawl - closeup

This yarn is like knitting with kittens. It’s very soft with one ply of silk and a smaller ply of kid mohair. The halo isn’t very pronounced while knitting, but it has fuzzed up a little with blocking.

Sedalia Fiber Festival:
If this small fiber festival ever gets a break from the weather gods, I think it will really do well. The scenery, even in the mist, wind and rain is gorgeous. Some great local and regional vendors were there. Plus, fiber-bloggers, live music and some yummy food made for a nice festival.
Sedalia2007 Mary
Blogger Mary in action, spinner extraordinaire Karen, stash builder Krista

Krista and I headed out early-ish (my bad for making us late), and even with getting turned around several times it only took about an hour and forty minutes to get there. There were alpacas, llamas, sheep, and teeny lambs. I was focusing on my new stash collecting category – spinning fiber. There was a lot of fiber in various forms, wonderful yarn, all sorts of hand-spun, hand-dyed, and hand-made goodies. I wanted to try small quantities of lots of different wools and blends to start getting a feel for what I want to spin, and how to spin it.
Sedalia2007 Fiber
Please click on the photo for the Flickr image with notes on each fiber

A beautiful, signed lightweight drop spindle for laceweight and silk.
Sedalia2007 Spindle
Signed Janet Yost, Wooden Ewe drop spindle, ¾ oz

Sedalia2007 Fiber Silk
Just Our Yarn hand-dyed silk.
Yes, it really is that bright and shiny!

Sedalia2007 Fiber Kid Hollow
Gorgeous, soft, Kid Hollow Farm blend of local mohair/border leicester
The photo really cannot do justice to the deep, rich colors.

And I leave you with a must-have fiber item.
Sedalia2007 angora bikini
Yes, we all really do need an angora bikini.

Got Yarn?
On the way home, we stopped in Bedford to thaw ourselves out at Yarn Theory, a very nice small yarn shop. Great sock yarn, some nice Claudia’s, laceweight. Did I mention sock yarn. Because, I’m not sure I have enough sock yarn.
Gems Pearl caribou-aqua-charcoal
Gems Pearl in Caribou, Aqua, Charcoal
No excuse not to knit those Nancy Bush patterns now!

UFO Challenge:
Last week, I undid the ends, attached my top-down cropped cardi knit of Noro Sakura to the ball winder, and returned it to stash. Plans are to eventually knit either Argosy or Y2Knit’s Feathers wrap. Eventually.

Picked up the forlorn second Amble Sock and decided to finish it and ignore the gauge issues.
Amble Sock Two
I think I can. I think I can. I know I can.

April Green Sock:
STILL knitting the first Madtini in LL Forest.

Yarn Pron:
Did I mention The Needle Lady received twenty-three (23) bags of Koigu the other day? Fifteen variegated and eight solids. MMMMmmmmm. And since I need more sock yarn like a hole in the head, I brought some home.
koigu blue-blue multi

Eye Candy Friday:
So, since the sun finally came out, and temps are at least up in the sixties today, I took Crazy Dog for a walk. We checked on the lilacs,
ecf 070420-1 lilac
They smell so good!

The wild deciduous azalea is juuust starting to bloom,
ecf 070420-2 azalea

Tracy enjoyed her walk very much! And thanks you for your patience.
Crazy Dog on a walk
Crazy old dog