Monday, April 9, 2007

Pleased and Proud

Wisteria Scarf
Wisteria Scarf Done
I have completed my first knitting project using my own handspun yarn! My goal for this project was to spin enough 2-ply fingering weight yarn on the drop spindle to knit a lacy scarf, and I did. Which, considering I only learned to spin about a month ago, is very pleasing to me.

You’ve seen some of the spinning progress here, and the homemade lazy kate worked great.
homemade lazy kate
What it lacked in elegance, it made up for in function

There were only a few tangles and they were pretty minor. I had read about adding a CD to the underside of the spindle to add capacity for plying, and it did help. I was able to ply it all in one go with no trouble except a very tired arm. The yarn had a nice soak to set the twist, and in the morning, it’s siren call was too hard to resist.
wisteria skein

I knew I only had about 210 yds of fingering weight, and wanted to make a teeny shawl like my Swallowtail (which has been just the perfect size for a little warmth on my neck and shoulders).
Fingering Weight

I fiddled with a little chart to work out groups of eyelets flowing into an edging like Evelyn Clark’s Flower Basket or Shetland Triangle Shawls.
Wisteria chart

It knit up very quickly and was pinned out Sunday afternoon.
Wisteria Blocking-2

Wisteria Blocking-1

I used all the yarn.
Wisteria leftovers

Very Pleased.
spin 070407-6

Very Proud.
spin 070407-1

Additional project details here.