Monday, April 2, 2007

Sunday Spinning

I hadn’t even had time to touch the spindle for the past week, but Saturday evening and for a couple of hours Sunday I got back to my spinning project. We’re in crazy busy time at work for a while and knitting, spinning, and posting time may be a little more sparse. As always, click for a larger image.
Fine Singles
Australian Wool Top from Holly Spring Homespun. Grafton Nina Spindle.

Back to spinning. I started with about 50g of top that I’m trying to turn into enough 2-ply fingering wt to knit a teeny lacy scarf. So, I've been working on spinning a finer, more consistent, and tighter single. The singles are definitely light enough that I could knit lace with them, but as a spinning with intent thing, I want to stick with my original plan.
14g left to spin
14g left to spin before I can start plying.

Since I don’t have a wheel (yet), I also want to see if my homebrew lazy kate will work for spindle plying. I have two lengths of ½” PVC pipe cut to about 11” long and so far have used one as a nostepinde to wind the first half of the singles off the spindle.
waiting to ply
The first half spun and waiting to ply.

When the rest of the spinning is done, I’ll wind that onto the second “nostepinde”. Two old 14” knitting needles, a perfectly sized cardboard box and, we'll see if it works.
homebrew lazy kate
1/2” PVC, 14” metal knitting needles, and a box. Will it work as a lazy kate?

Experienced Spinners, I welcome any feedback.