Friday, April 13, 2007

Thank You!

I have not quite hit the three month mark with this blog and have been surprised at how quickly readers have found me, found something here of interest, and started leaving me some very nice comments. Being new to all this, I have not always been sure how to reply to comments or find a way to contact a commenter.

So, First, I want to say Welcome to my blog! Thank You for reading and commenting! Please feel free to ask questions and email me if you wish. I hope to inspire and encourage as I have found inspiration in other blogs.

Second, I added an email contact on my Blogger profile so when I comment to someone they don't just get that useless [] thing and if they click through to my profile they can reach me.

Third, this morning I installed Haloscan. So, I hope this doesn't completely goof up the comments, and if anyone has any hints I should know about, please do let me know. But I'm hoping that will allow me to better manage comments from here on out.

Happy Knitting and Spinning! I'll leave you with some yarn.
Yarn Yard Club April 2007
The Yarn Yard Yarn Club for April 2007