Friday, April 27, 2007

Where’s Clint?

Or, The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

I’ve developed quite a collection of teeny tiny skeins playing with my new wheel. Since I had NEVER spun on a wheel before, I am learning to spin too, while getting to know Victoria’s capabilities and quirks. Most of the fiber I bought at Sedalia was only in two to three ounce amounts. I’ve been sampling tiny little bits to get a bunch of practice, but hopefully have some useable bits of fiber left for small projects like wristies, mitts and such. Mary suggested a Noro Transitions-ish skein of changing fibers in a continuous skein, and I admit I’m intrigued by that idea for some of the wools.

I could show you only my successes so far, but what fun would that be? Mistakes are lessons in this case. And since, apparently, I have no shame anymore when it comes to yarn, and by request (Mary!), all photos are clickable for a larger view, here are:

The Ugly:
spin 070426 ugly-1a

Oh, you’re a beginner, they’re not that ugly. No? Look closer.

spin 070426 ugly-2a
Ow, my eyes

Yes, the tags, the overtwist, the undertwist, the massive tangle plying technique, the giant clumps. Now you see why I started with small quantities. But wait.

The Bad:
spin 070426 bad-1a
Sometimes the treadling can get away from you, just a bit

Fortunately I taught myself chain-plying (or Navajo plying). Yeah, I know this is not Bad, I’m pretty impressed myself. But, you just don’t have to treadle so fast ALL THE TIME. This is some seriously overtwisted, overplied yarn.

Purple is Corriedale, Green is BFL/mohair, Blue is Corriedale again, Plum is mystery top, Sky Blue is Finn.

The Better:
spin 070426 better-1a
Aaaahhhh, relax

spin 070426 better-2a
Top and bottom are chain 3-ply, middle is 2-ply

Gray is Jacob/mohair sportweight, 3-ply, love this fuzzy soft yarn. Plum is mystery wool top fingering weight finally in a 2-ply that doesn't look like poop, I've got enough fiber for a small shoulder shawl. Sky Blue is Finn sportweight, 3-ply, really soft.

and The Good:
spin 070426 good-4a
This might not count since it was done on the spindle rather than the new wheel

Mystery wool roving, spun on Yost 3/4oz spindle, single, 30wpi (laceweight), 26yds.

spin 070426 good-1a
Orange and chocolate

Holly Spring Australian Wool Top, spun on Victoria, single, 11wpi (light worsted), 105yds.

spin 070426 good-3a
My Friday Yarn Pron for this week

Now this is some yarn that doesn’t embarrass me!
spin 070426 good-2a

Kid Hollow Farm, BFL/mohair blend, spun on Victoria, single , 12wpi (DK), 136yds.

Oh. My. So soft.

I think the next thing might be to spin up the 4oz of hand-dyed BFL from Wooly Wonka (but back on her etsy shop) in Pussy Willows. I’m thinking some fingerless mitts for the husband for his chilly new radio room.