Sunday, April 22, 2007

You Spin Me Right Round

I got lots of fiber at Sedalia. Now, what else do I need? No, already got drop spindles and a tired arm.

Louet Victoria Spinning Wheel
My very first spinning wheel!

Meet Victoria. She’s a Louet folding wheel in Beech, double-treadle, scotch-tension, 6:1 to 12:1 ratios, and light as a feather.

Victoria closeup
A look under the hood

Went up to Stony Mountain Fibers yesterday afternoon. I had been looking online at folding wheels, and talked briefly with Barbara Gentry at Sedalia. I knew I was interested in a folding or traveling wheel. I was leaning toward double-treadle. And I had been looking online at the Kromski Sonata, Lendrum, and Ashford Joy, as well as the Victoria. While there I got to test drive all but the Lendrum, which Barbara doesn’t carry, and several models other than the folding wheels, including an Ashford Kiwi, Majacraft Little Gem, Louet S10DT, and Fricke S-160.

Considering I had never even tried spinning on a wheel before yesterday, I think I got a pretty good introduction. The shop was quiet, and Barbara patiently got me set up on each wheel and let me spin a while.

The final decision came down to the Sonata and Victoria, and small size and simpler style won the day. She really is tiny, 24” high and about 6 pounds, but feels quite steady while treadling.

Victoria glamour shot

I’ve got lots to learn!