Saturday, May 26, 2007

Enough for a Small Shawl

Inspiration fingering weight
Inspiration Fingering Weight

Fiber/Weight: Corriedale pencil roving, Inspiration colorway, 4oz

Purchased from: Crown Mountain Farm

Spun with: Louet Victoria

WPI/Gauge/TPI: 16-18wpi / fingering / ~ 6tpi
Whorl/Tension: Medium whorl / medium-high tension

Plies/Method: 2-ply / standard

Yardage: ~438yds

Started: 5/16/2007
Completed: 5/25/2007

Intended Project?: Was to be socks, now maybe a small shawl

I weighed out 4oz of the CMF corriedale pencil roving, intending to spin enough fingering weight for a pair of socks. Now that it’s done, it would make nice socks, but I think I’m not ready to put this yarn on my feet quite yet. I’ll wait to spin some superwash for that!

Setting out to spin for socks I wanted a fairly high twist, both in the singles and the finished yarn. I think the singles are fine and just about right, but I’ve got just a bit too much twist in some of the plied sections.

The singles were spun drafting as I went with my self-taught who knows what it is worsted draw. The color blocks on this roving are short. Based on a sample skein, I knew there would be a lot of barberpole, and I liked it, and went with that rather than try in any way to separate the colors. My singles were reasonably consistent, and for me this is the most of anything I’ve ever spun. So, I’m happy with the amount of variation.

I really liked the CMF pencil roving. The colors are pretty, the fiber is smooth, staple length is several inches, it drafts easily, and I found no felted sections or VM.

I used my a tensioned lazy kate, my plastic needle gauge as a plying guide (!), and plied for a looong time. The plying tension really varies a bit too much and I think I either need to learn to ply faster, or break it up into several sessions so I don’t get tired and start to get a lot of inconsistency.

The finished yarn has a soft, smooth hand, and is nice and squooshy in the skein, though not elastic.

So, I accomplished my Goal, to spin a larger quantity of light fingering weight with reasonable consistency. And, I like the finished yarn!