Friday, May 18, 2007

Eye Candy Friday: Hot, Hot, Hot!

Look what the mailman brought!
Zeneedle Prize!
Hot red laceweight, not being done justice by our rainy dark day today

Thank you Margene! For guessing correctly in her contest, I received not only fiery-red-like-the-Sun laceweight yarn (a cone!), but also some super-cute project gift cards.

Cute Notes
I’m a purple grrl, love the needles

And, the knitters favorite addition to the knitting bag, some mocha dark chocolate, Yum!

Margene’s Zeneedle has been an inspiration to me for knitting, lace, and spinning. Motivated by her writings, I’m learning to find the process-knitter within this goal-oriented project manager. She always has an encouraging word and is so supportive of so many stitchers of all kinds, and it really makes a difference. A wonderful blog-friend indeed.