Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Knittin’ Honey

Since you all know I am good for some self-deprecating knitting humor around here. I’ll actually show you my knitting progress this week. For a variety of uninteresting reasons, not much knitting is getting done, though there is a little more spinning later.

Swatching for my Sockapalooza 4 sock pal:
Sock Pal Swatch
Don’t worry sock pal, it won’t be in this ugly color

Starting a sample baby sweater for the Shop in Tofutsies:
Tofutsies baby sweater started
It will be very cute if it doesn’t drive me mad first

ONE Mad-tini sock from my sidelines Sock Madness knitting:
MadTini One
I am really just cranking out the projects!

I have some lovely new fiber acquisitions, which I won’t subject you to, but you can go see them HERE.

I have spun up half the singles for the husband mitts. It gets cold in his radio room and he loves the fingerless gloves I made him a year or so ago. Now that he has a second station, he’s gonna get more mitts.
BFL Willows
BFL, Pussy Willows, Wooly Wonka Fibers

And, having gotten that off the wheel, I decided to spin up the rest of the Kid Hollow BFL/mohair roving I got at Sedalia.
Kid Hollow skeins

Added to the little sister skein, I now have about 350 yds of light DK singles with tons of texture, color and little slubs of mohair. The sheen and softness are hard to capture in the photos. I’m thinking a simple shoulder shawl or big scarf.

So, there you have it. I want to get going on the Sock Pal socks, get back to my gansey cardi, knit about ten different lace projects, spin about five pounds of fiber that have arrived, and achieve world peace.