Saturday, May 19, 2007

Summer Knitting Goals

Jean has been keeping me busy lately! Here’s a fun contest I found out about on her blog that ties in neatly with my own wish to get some things organized and DONE this year. It’s being run by Ali who designed the Blue Sky Alpacas Fitted Tank, with patterns and yarn as prizes.

The Rules:
1.) Leave a comment on Ali’s blog letting her know what color yarn you want and mention that my blog sent you there.

2.) Then head to your blog and post a list of your summer knitting goals (there may be an end-of-summer contest of some sort to celebrate summer knitting accomplishments...) and mention this contest.

3.) Lastly e-mail Ali with the link to your post! Be sure to mention in your post for anyone who follows your link to let her know what blog they jumped from as every 'referral' will earn you another entry!

The Contest will run through the end of the month May.

My Summer Knitting Goals, in no particular order:

1. Sockapalooza 4 Socks – need to be done and mailed by August 2nd.

2. Knit a summer sweater for myself, probably blue Cotton Classic in stash, maybe another CeCe with ¾ sleeves.

3. Finish the felted tote that I never work on.

4. Get back to work on the lilac gansey cardi so I can wear it this fall.

5. Knit some more socks. i.e. knit the Mad-tini second sock. Then knit some more socks.

6. Knit some lace. Specifically, knit and write up the pattern for a shoulder shawl for a lace class at the LYS.

7. Knit the Husband’s mitts from my handspun.