Sunday, May 6, 2007

UFO Resurrection: Amble = FO

Someone asked when does a WIP become a UFO? The answer is this pair of socks.

But today is a happy day, after knitting the second toe three times, the Amble Socks are DONE!

Amble Socks Done
Amble Socks, Done! And they count for Project Spectrum too!

Started in August or September of 2005, the first sock went veeerrrry slowly, and I’m not sure why the pattern had so much trouble sinking into my brain. It was put down and picked up several times, and when I finally finished the first sock, the pattern repeats just zipped right along. I guess it was time.

The second sock exemplifies the gauge issues that have been a result of my left arm’s periodic surgeries and immobilizations. At different times I have knit quite a bit looser or tighter depending on how much the arm hurt, or how far along I was in PT.

What do we learn from life’s lessons? Knit socks in sections, and bring both socks along in bursts. No, I will not knit two socks on two circs. Tried it, love the idea, dislike the reality.

Yes, I know I need sock blockers.

Pattern: Amble, by Alison Clayton, Six Sox Knitalong, a simple gansey patterned top-down, flap-heel sock

Yarn: Lang, JaWoll superwash wool/nylon, color pistachio, used about 70g

Needles: Various US0, US1, US1.5, Inox and Addi circs, 2.omm, 2.25mm, 2.5mm

Gauge: 8-9spi

Started: August 2005

Completed: May 5, 2007

Finished Size: Womens US 9½ -10 (for my sister)

I worked on this pair of socks over a very long period of time and between arm surgeries. Both of these factors meant that my gauge was all over the map. I decided partway down the first leg that I should go down a needle size, which was fine for the rest of the leg and foot. The second sock, started a year later, knit up much tighter. And at the heel turn I had a decision to make.

Though I almost ripped the first sock out and gave up this project, the finished socks feel fine on, and will be a gift to my sister.

The Lang JaWoll, is very soft, nice to knit though very fine gauge, has crisp stitch definition in the pale solid color. JaWoll comes with a matching spool of reinforcing thread which I used at the heel flap/turn and toe.

I found my ability to read and memorize the stitch pattern improved dramatically from start to finish, and this made the second sock knit up a lot faster than the first. I think my intervening lace projects increased my skills in reading the knitting and being able to “see” and knit a simple repetitive pattern like this without constantly referring to the chart.