Friday, June 8, 2007

Hi All!

Sorry for the blog silence. Ever have a week where you are busy, busy, busy, and cannot figure out what has gotten done? Yeah, me too. Other than working Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday night at the LYS, here’s what I squeezed in.

Spinning Class:
Barbara Gentry at Stony Mountain Fibers has a great two-part beginning spinning class at her farm/shop. Though I’m pretty far ahead on the spinning, I had not done any fiber prep at all. In the first class we learned about fleece selection, washing, and carding. I can say with some confidence that I do not see a whole lot of hand carding in my future! Though I did buy some lovely Strauch fine cards to experiment with blending at home, I’ve gotta start looking for a good price on a drum carder if I want to keep prepping fiber myself.

strauch cotton hand cards
Strauch Hand Cards

We then moved on to a quick intro to drop spindle spinning, and at the end of class to the wheel. It was an action packed three hours! We were each sent home with several ounces of Corriedale fleece from a local farm in Nelson County to wash and card. This was a nice reasonably clean fleece (no pics, I got home, put it right in the washer and it was too dark for photos), but Wow, what a difference after washing. So fluffy! This fleece is a beautiful light silver grey and has a wonderful soft texture.

corriedale fleece washed
Corriedale fleece washed

We also carded some dyed fleece to spin and practice plying with the undyed. Since I’ve got a wheel, and had a day off yesterday, I’ve skipped ahead and spun up a bit of both. I learned a long backward draw and have been practicing that with both hands. I strained my good hand the other day, and figure if I can switch off to the other side occasionally, it might help keep me spinning more comfortably. So, the singles are a bit uneven as I experimented with drafting, tension, speed, and switching hands.

corriedale bobbins
Test spinning for class

The second class is this afternoon and I’ll try to remember to get the camera out of my bag this time!

I started a little lacy scarf with my handspun sock yarn, but it was just too busy and stripey. So, it was ripped without even the dignity of a photo first. I’ve started again with the Argosy scarf pattern from Knitty and I think it suits the yarn much better. I’ll give it a few more inches then decide.

argosy started
Still love the yarn, not sure about the pattern

Haven’t even touched my sock pal socks this week, but just have the feet and toes to do to finish both, and still have lots of time.

Remember, tomorrow, Saturday June 9th is World Wide Knit in Public Day. Anyone who’s near Charlottesville can join us at The Needle Lady 1-4pm for an informal Sit & Knit.