Saturday, June 9, 2007

Plying and Silk

Spinning Class, Part 2:
Yesterday was the second session of Barbara Gentry’s Beginning Spinning workshop at Stony Mountain Fibers.

Barbara has a very nice shop on her farm with knitting, spinning, and weaving supplies and equipment

Being such an overachiever, I had already spun my singles at home. So, while the others were spinning, I had time to learn and practice spinning from the fold – which finally makes sense after learning the long draw and using it to spin my singles. I may have bought some tussah silk to practice on.

silk top
Hand-dyed and undyed tussah silk

At the end of the class two of us tried out spinning a bit of silk cap which was quite a different experience, literally spinning as fine as thin sewing thread.

Anyway, we only had time for basic 2-ply, but Barbara explained several ways to set it up – with a center-pull ball, plying ball, or lazy kate.

Barbara demonstrating 2-plying

To help everyone see the twist, we plied our dyed with our undyed fiber. Sounds simple, but as a teaching tool, it can’t be beat.

corriedale skein
A face only its mother could love

Skeined, given a bath, and brought home to dry, I’ve got 74yds of 10wpi, aran/bulky 2-ply Corriedale. It’s lumpy and bumpy and uneven. But I’ve learned long draw and practiced it quite a bit with both hands, so this skein makes me happy anyway!

I would highly recommend this class for anyone interested in learning to spin, or just curious if they would like it. The next classes are in August and September. Class Schedule HERE.

See how much fun we’re having!