Saturday, July 14, 2007

Catching Up on Things

Maybe my absence is related to the general ennui in the blogosphere lately. Or general over-committedness of life lately. I seem very busy, still seem not to be getting much done, still seem to have even more things to do, still seem to start more things, etc. I keep thinking, Oh I’ll write up a quick blog post later, and then it’s the next day. I’m going to sit and knit/spin/catch up on emails, and then it’s the next day. I’m easily a week behind on reading blogs and answering emails, so if I haven’t commented on your blog, or answered your comment, it’s not you. Really. And, if this summer doldrum-thing is happening to you too, it’s not you. It seems to be going around.

So, I managed to spin for the first day of the Tour de Fleece! Had great plans to bring my drop spindle to Mathews and get a few minutes in each day with that. Well, I arrived at the house on Monday afternoon, after receiving a call from the Husband (who arrived before me) to the effect that I had won the Ditz of the Year award for leaving the downstairs AC thermostat off last week when I left (falsely accused since the little snowflake was on the display when I left) and the house was, oh, 107F with the upstairs heat pump running full blast. With outside temps in the low 90’s but breezy by the Bay, we opened all the windows and cooled the house off to about 88 and went into town for a nice cool dinner and large carafe of wine. Let’s just say spinning and knitting were not my priority when we got back. I managed to get nine mini-blinds up and five curtain rods, with more to come so we can create a little shade in the house in the Summer.

Rambouillet spun on the drop spindle
Pitiful. Just pitiful.

This is all the spinning I got done. It’s some beautiful Rambouillet combed top from Colonial Fiber Arts in Yorktown. I’ll try the Tour de Fleece in 2008, as I’m hopelessly out this year.

I searched high and low for my first Charade Sock (which is past the heel and in the gusset decreases) which decided to hide from me for a week. Needless to say, I didn’t want to keep knitting the second sock unless I could find the first sock. So, sock knitting stalled until I was finally reunited with the prodigal sock last night when I put the back seats up for the first time in a week and there was Sock 1 peeking out from where it had been wedged down on the floor under the seat. Poor thing.

Charade Socks Reunited
Welcome back Sock 1, and back to sock knitting

I finished Mystery Stole 3 Clue 1, finally, and have one row done of Clue 2. Yes, that’s right, Clue 3 came out this week.

Pardon the flash, but it shows the pattern best

It’s not a particularly hard lace knit, but has very little repetition. So you have to pay close attention all the way across the row. The WS rows are plain purl, so it’s moving along pretty quickly despite my lack of knitting time. I’ll try to catch up if it’s a little quieter this week (HAHAHahahahaha). Cough Here’s a closeup of the pearly beads, which are, um, subtle.

Mystery Stole 3-Clue1 beads

Friday the 13th was a lucky day for me and the Hubs as it was our fifth wedding anniversary! We had a fabulous dinner at the Ivy Inn to celebrate.

July 13, 2002 Pavilion 8 Garden
At our wedding, we had babies and bubbles

Our wedding ceremony was in the Pavilion 8 garden, one of the historic gardens off the Lawn at the University of Virginia. This is one of my favorite photos from that day as we look just like one of those bride and groom statues on top of a cake!

July 13, 2002 The Lawn
Aren't we cute!

At least someone’s getting knitting done. Here’s Krista’s Sock Pal Sock!

Pretty Tofutises Charade sock!

So, there’s an update. It’s shaping up to be another crazy week getting ready for the Hub’s big birthday next Saturday. A few friends are flying in to visit us in Mathews and it will be a surprise for him. Ssshhh. Don’t tell. I’m trying to get the house ready for guests without him figuring out why we suddenly need enough chairs for more than two people and what’s with all the curtains and mini-blinds (so someone can sleep past 5:30am!) I hope to post again this week, but bear with me if I don’t make it for more than a quick visit!