Saturday, July 7, 2007

Lucky Number Seven

Well since many other bloggers are talking about their Startitis, here’s a bit of mine. I like to start projects. I don’t like to finish projects. I start a lot of things. I don’t finish a lot of things. I’ve started some things, oh, since yesterday.

So, late to the party, I finally started Mystery Stole 3 Clue 1 last night. Yes, that’s a week late, and Clue 2 is already out. I know. Here’s most of Clue 1.

Zephyr, white, Addi Lace US3

I waffled on several stash yarns including: some Kid Hollow Farm laceweight mohair that was just way too purple and had some troubling thin spots early in the skein; some old Skacel laceweight merino that also broke while I was trying to wind it and although the instructions say black or white do I really want to knit a black stole?; and finally got out a skein of white Zephyr that is what the designer is using. I swatched three colors of silver/white #8 beads and settled on the frosty white with a subtle silver lining. There will be better photos later when I'm farther along.

I received my new Addi Lace needles from Moonrise and set to work. I’ll write up more thoughts on the Addi’s later, but so far they are neck and neck with the KnitPicks Options, with advantages to each.


If it’s not too late, and whether official or not, I have joined the 2007 Tour de Fleece!


I unpacked the wheel and worked on about half an ounce of Black Bunny Fibers hand-dyed Falkland roving (in the Thunderclouds colorway) that is super easy to spin. I also need to post more on the recent issues with my wheel, but maybe it’s just that either the one of the new bobbins or the slippery fiber was giving me fits the other day, as I think with a little patience I could easily spin a 2-ply laceweight with this fiber. So, maybe it's not the wheel. These are singles thin enough for laceweight or light fingering weight.


So, there it is. What shall I start tomorrow?