Sunday, August 26, 2007

Charade Socks, Fini!

Chrade Socks Done!

Loved the pattern! First off, it’s free. It’s a very easy slipped-stitch rib which looks great in every yarn I’ve seen it knitted in – variegated, solid, wool, Tofutsies. It’s clear, easy to follow, simple, and makes great mindless travel knitting, yet it has a nice texture that looks harder than it is. One comment I will make is that it’s not all that stretchy. So if you need extra foot or ankle room, consider adding a multiple of four stitches. I made no modifications to the pattern, except maybe making the flap a couple of rows longer, and decreasing the toe in my favorite way.

Since these socks started as travel knitting to the UK, both legs were knit with US0 Lantern Moon Sox Stix. I’m still not the world’s greatest fan of dpn’s. However, the shorty blondwood needles were perfect for travel. They went right through security, and the 5” size tucks neatly in a small zip-loc, so no lost needles. I still prefer my two-circs, and though they are pricey, I would recommend the Sox Stix to dpn fans.

The yarn was just plain fun to knit. Now, if you don’t like pooling, these are not the socks for you. But, I find them hilarious. Victoria is knitting another skein that I got from Gypsyknits at the same time, though it's a different colorway, and they seem to be more variegated and less flashy.

Slip Stitch Heels
Slip Stitch Heels

Yarn: Gypsyknits, merino superwash sock yarn, color Party Fun, from Etsy
Needles: Lantern Moon Sox Stix while traveling, Addi US0/2mm two-circs at home
Pattern: Charade Socks, free pattern
Started: 6/23/2007
Completed: 8/25/2007
Finished Size: Women’s US11