Tuesday, August 21, 2007

I’m Going to Count to Three

Have you ever had occasion to ask a small child if they want a time-out? And then they will often stop whatever naughtiness prompted the question.

Well, innocent, lovely Mystery Stole 3 has done nothing to provoke me, nothing irksome. I have a great fondness for Zephyr. I don’t mind the fussiness of adding the beads. I’m not finding the pattern hard. I haven’t frogged, or even tinked much.

I’ve seen Bitty’s stole ready for the last clue, and Robin’s finished stole (unblocked), and they are truly lovely. I’m just not sure I like the design enough to continue at the moment. Well, not enough to knit it instead of the eleventeen other lace projects in my unofficial queue. Frogging seems too drastic, as I may want to knit the symmetrical version, and I’d just have to knit another end and a middle. I don’t often just give up on projects, but I’ve decided MS3 will be having an indefinite time-out.

I want to knit the Honeybee Stole instead. In some silk/cashmere undyed laceweight from Just Our Yarn that I got at Montpelier year before last.

There, I feel better now.