Wednesday, August 22, 2007

An Important Date

Seven years ago today, August 22, 2000 my dear Husband and I met on, well, a blind-date of our own making. I had to explain to his Mother how we met. Having survived that, I don’t mind telling you. Before either existed or was as popular as it is today, the Cville Weekly had a great personals section. He placed an ad. I still tease him – Successful, Handsome, Professional, Sincere, 6-4, DWM, etc, seeks Nice Tall Lady. I’ve explained to him that most of the men advertising exaggerate. He wasn’t. He didn’t even check his message mailbox after our first date. Dating in your forties isn’t always easy, but here we are. Our fifth wedding anniversary was last month.

So, Jean, this explains my Important Date. For everyone else, there’s still time to go tell her your Important Date and have a chance to win some yummy, yummy prizes.