Saturday, August 11, 2007

Oh, By the Way...

So, with a quiet empty house, I have a spinning FO to show you. Here’s 290yds of 2-ply sportweight, spun from Black Bunny Fibers Falkland wool roving, in the Thunderclouds colorway.
Falkland Thundercloud v1-1
Stormy Weather

More details HERE on the Weekend Whirls blog.

We had a fun trip to Harrisonburg yesterday. Krista’s kids were great, and just about as well behaved as one could expect a three-year old and six-year old to be! She’ll be posting more about the trip later on her BLOG.

My husband and I have a little joke about his saying “Oh, by the way….” and then dropping some big news on our unsuspecting friends. So, yesterday I called him at FIL’s to tell him what a fun trip we’d had and Oh by the way that I’d bought a spinning wheel, and what nice weather we were having. Ha.

I don’t usually name things, cars, spinning wheels and such. So I don’t know if this wheel will find a name, though I do sort of think she’s a she. Since I’ve got so many today, all the photos will be a bit smaller, but are clickable for a closer view. Meet my new wheel,
The Lendrum DT Folding Wheel

Lendrum-2 regular head
The standard head/flyer has ratios of 6, 8 and 10 to 1, (I’ve already ordered the fast flyer and jumbo plying head/flyer)

Lendrum-3 whorl
Is whorl-driven, with a sliding hook,

Lendrum-4 scotch tension
Has single-drive, scotch-tension,

Lendrum-5 CA
And is made of lovely Canadian maple.

Why did I want a new wheel? Well, I do truly like the Louet Victoria – she spins easily and well, and she’s extremely light, small and portable. It’s the last bit that is both her greatest strength as a travel wheel and her greatest weakness as a production wheel. For me.

Though I’m the shortest in my family, I’m tall. The runt, but still I’m 5’-9”. I’d been catching myself sort of hunching over the Louet despite the angled orifice and the fact there was no need to be so close. The Lendrum is tall. She has a 19” wheel, the adjustable orifice is significantly higher, and she weighs nearly twice as much (though still under 14 pounds). There’s a great comparison HERE, but below are my observations.

Lendrum-Victoria-1 height
Louet Victoria side-by-side with Lendrum DT

Despite her specs, the footprint of the Lendrum is very modest, and she will be a good roommate in my overcrowded (with fiber and yarn) office/studio.
Lendrum-Victoria-2 footprint

Here’s a big difference, the Louet leans away from you, the Lendrum leans toward you. Again, this is a particular issue of mine, as I’m still in PT for arm/shoulder/back stuff, but I’m already finding it easier to maintain good posture while spinning.
Lendrum-Victoria-3 tilt

A nice feature of the Lendrum head is the ability to change bobbins without removing the entire flyer. And the Lendrum sliding hook works like a bulldog paper clip and stays in place better than the Louet.
Lendrum-Victoria-4 L head

The Louet bobbins are listed as holding slightly more, but we’ll soon see how much I can pack on the Lendrum bobbin.
Lendrum-Victoria-6 bobbins

Oh, and by the way, I got some more fiber too!
Merino/Tencel PINK
Ashland Bay Trading Co, Merino/Tencel 70/30, color Red, but I'm telling you it's PINK

From Rocktown Yarns, Harrisonburg, VA.