Saturday, August 18, 2007

Saturday Sky: Shady

Saturday 070818 - Shady
Shady, and a little cooler today

I'm headed down to Mathews in a few minutes. Tomorrow's sky will be much larger. The Cville house sits down in a valley surrounded by very large oaks, beeches, hickories, and sycamores, with an understory of dogwood, redbud, and the occasional holly. The typical mature central Virginia forest. Our marsh house sits up on piers, with no trees nearby. So, there is unobstructed sky in all directions. The best shady, breezy spot is under the house, and I'm still thinking about a screened porch there.

Between working on ham radio projects with the Husband, I have spinning and knitting to keep me busy. I should even have a little FO for you in a day or so.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!