Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Spinning FO: Antigua BFL v1.0

Antigua BFL 2-ply

I’m still working my way down to laceweight, though not there yet!

Antigua BFL 2-ply after its bath

This is the first project spun with my new Lendrum DT. The first bobbin was spun on the regular flyer on the smallest whorl at 10:1. The fast flyer arrived in time to spin the second bobbin on it’s middle whorl at 15:1. I’m still working on increasing my spinning speed by learning to draft faster to keep up with a faster whorl.

Antigua BFL 2-ply on the niddy

The BFL fiber is so easy to spin, and makes a lovely bouncy yarn, even worsted spun. Sakina’s hand-dyed fiber handled nicely, with no felted sections, and nice long color runs. I have another batch of this same roving. So, I decided to 2-ply this one and 3-ply the next. I got a little preview with the leftover singles. I was rushing it a bit, so this isn’t the most even 3-ply, but still it’s a nice look with the colors separated.

Antigua BFL sample chain-ply

So far, I’m finding the Lendrum a little smoother and more comfortable than the Louet. I’m still considering the very fast flyer. Though I don’t plan to spin much pure silk, I would like to spin some laceweight wools, and wool/silk or tencel blends.

Antigua BFL 2-ply before setting the twist

Fiber/Starting Weight: BFL combed top / 4.8oz

Purchased from: Sakina Needles

Spun with: Lendrum DT

Whorl / Tension: Worsted-spun
First Bobbin – regular flyer, Small 10:1 / medium tension
Second Bobbin – fast flyer, Medium xx:1, medium tension

Plies/Method: 2-ply / standard

WPI/Gauge/TPI: 18-20wpi / Fingering / 8tpi

Yardage/Finished Wt: 516yds / 4.6oz / 130g, Leftover singles chain-plied for approx 28yds/10g
Started: 8/11/2007
Completed: 8/27/2007

ETA: I gave this slightly rough handling in its soak to set the twist. No plungers or anything, but several dunks in very warm water, a cool rinse, and a dozen thwacks on the shower tile before hanging to dry. It really helps to round out the yarn, even up the plies, and give the yarn a nice finished feel without felting it at all.

It’s cloudy, and gloomy again today, so forgive my photos. But, I’ll leave you with a sunny shot of what this yarn reminds me of.

Nevis toward Antigua
Gingerland, Nevis looking toward Antigua