Friday, August 3, 2007

Well, I just haven’t had much to say lately

I’ve been busy and distracted. Have knitted a teeny bit. Have spun a teeny bit. Have de-stashed a whole bunch of (mostly sock) yarn! We’ve gotten rid of some stuff around the house on Freecycle, and it’s nice this slightly unburdened feeling.

Teeny Bit of Knitting:

I wove in the ends on my modified-Springgrass-SockPal socks, and gave them a bath. No new pics, but they looked nice, and were even softer after their little soak in some Soak. Since my Pal’s foot is smaller than mine (and smaller than my sock blockers), I did make some coat hanger sock blockers to open the lace just a little. They are on their way to KY, and I hope will cheer up my Sock Pal who’s had sort of a tough row to hoe lately.
Didn’t wet block them on these big blockers, but it’s easier to see the pattern this way

Since August 2 is the mailing date for all the socks, now I’m a little curious about my socks!

Mystery Stole 3, HAHAhahah, I’m still on Clue 2!
Looks a lot like it did last time you saw it

Charade Sock #2, Yay, I’ve started the heel. So, I’ll be caught up to Sock #1 very soon!
Big Sister Sock waiting for Little Sister to catch up

Teeny Bit of Spinning:

Bobbin #2 of about 3.5oz of Black Bunny Fibers Falkland wool in Thundercloud. I think this will end up a 2-ply heavy fingering weight. Enough for some mitts, perhaps. No, I’m not going to post another photo of a half-filled bobbin. We’ll all have to wait for the finished skein!

I stopped at Holly Spring Handspun yesterday on the way from Cville to Mathews, to see if there were any Majacraft Suzie’s I could test drive. (I’m currently deciding between a Lendrum DT and Suzie Pro.) The shop is moving a few blocks West very soon, so stock is low on wheels for the moment, but I visited with Kathy Oliver for a little while. And bought a 4oz sample of local undyed Angora/Mohair/Merino top. So. Very. Soft.
Like a big, soft, puffy cloud

Our local guild is sponsoring a dyeing workshop at Stony Mountain Fibers next weekend. I’ll take some Falkland top to that and dye something fun. But, the Angora blend, I’m thinking maybe a subtle semi-solid and spinning for something lacy.

My sister and two nephews arrive from Seattle tomorrow, just in time for some of the hottest weather of the Summer. So, rather than make a lot of plans, we’ll do some hanging out and relaxing, and she’ll get to see the new house while they get over jet lag and acclimate.

Cathleen and I were both in the Architecture School at UVa – she an undergraduate while I was in grad school. But she doesn’t often get back to Cville. It’s funny, her oldest is looking at colleges already, and will take the tour while here. It would be fun to have him on the East Coast and see him more often.

Oh, and BTW, I feel much better after seeing THIS. I’m going to have to change the blog name to “Just a Little Yarn”.

I’ll leave you with a Friday Flower.
Marsh Mallow
Marsh Mallow