Thursday, August 9, 2007

Words, No Pictures

It was a wonderful visit with the nephews, despite record-breaking hot weather. We spent a few days in Mathews so they and my sister could see the new house. But, really, it was too hot even for the beach. So, it was home to Cville and the pool. We played lots of cards, had fierce Monopoly battles, and had a nice cool float down the James River.

With everyone gone (including the Husband for a few days) I’ve got a few quiet days at home to catch up on some spinning and knitting – the Mystery Stole is woefully behind, though Charade Sock #2 is catching up quickly to Sock #1, and the Black Bunny Fibers Falkland singles are ready for plying. Bitty brought her beautiful MS3 to Wed Night Knitting (unlike me, she’s kept up with the clues and is ready for Clue 6 tomorrow.) The theme has been revealed as Swan Lake and the "feathers" are a very pretty lace pattern and I’ll likely knit the stole as designed rather than skip the “wing”.

Krista and I are off to Rocktown Yarns tomorrow where I'm going to test drive a used Lendrum DT spinning wheel.