Sunday, October 21, 2007

Gathering No Moss

We're off again, driving up to Dulles tomorrow, and flying out early on Tuesday. This time it's to Montserrat, a very small island in the West Indies, south of Antigua. We're hoping to have internet access, but in case we don't here's a preview with some photos from our day trip in February 2004, and a week-long visit for a ham radio contest in November 2004.

Montserrat - from the ferry
Montserrat from the old ferry, February 2004

Though the volcano destroyed the main city and the old airport, the central and north portions of the island definitely earn Montserrat's nickname as the Emeral Isle of the Caribbean.
Montserrat - Plymouth
The former capital city of Plymouth

Montserrat - old airport
The old airport is just at water's edge

The island is very mountainous rainforest for the most part, with beautiful black sand beaches.
Montserrat - black sand beach
On the West Coast

Here's what the Hubs and his brother will be doing
George and Peter operating
CQWW CW, November 2004

Here's what I'll be doing
Montserrat - Redonda and Nevis at Sunset
Redonda and Nevis at Sunset

I'm taking the Secret Stole and Hypoteneuse as my travel knitting! Oh, and I'll leave you with a cool link to the Montserrat Volcano Observatory.