Wednesday, October 3, 2007

A Long Overdue Post

I’ve got several post’s worth to write up. So, you may see a bit more of me here.
First stop, R&R and Yarn! Oh, and as always, click photos for larger images.

Welcome to Florida, the Partly Cloudy State!

Myakka late Summer

First, the trip to Sarasota was fun. The weather was unsettled and according to the locals, a lot wetter than usual. They count on a shower in the afternoon in late-Summer (September), but we had a couple of days that were cloudy/showery all day while a tropical storm passed us by in the Gulf. Cooled things off though, which was fine by me.

Myakka Nature Trail
Myakka Nature Trail

The Husband came with me this time and we had fun visiting some places I got to see last year on my own. Myakka River State Park was gorgeous and we saw lots of herons, egrets and ibises, and wild pigs, but no gators. I saw enough close-up gators down in the Glades to last me for a while.

Myakka Wild Pigs
Snuffle, snort, snort

There’s a short Nature Walk and a quick climb up the Forest Canopy observation tower.

Myakka Forest Canopy Observation Tower

Myakka Tower

We also had a visit to the gorgeous Marie Selby Botanical Gardens. If you love orchids, this is the place to visit. Even on a cloudy drizzly day, the orchids practically glowed in the conservatory.

Orchids at the Selby
No, Mary I didn’t get the latin name!

Of course a fiber person would love the looks of this plant

Huge Koi


There’s a new (to me) yarn shop, right in downtown Sarasota – Picasso’s Moon.

Picassos' Moon

This shop deserves its own post, so please follow me HERE.

And now, a preview of coming attractions:

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Jane Slicer-Smith
Fiber Dyeing Workshop

Hold me to these, ‘kay.