Sunday, November 25, 2007

On a Roll, Chocalpaca = Cleite Shawl

As promised yesterday, here’s the finished skein of alpaca, fiber from Wooly Wonka’s Exotic Fiber Club. Click photos for big!

Chocalpaca skein
After its soak in Soak

I didn’t give it the full rough wet-finishing treatment, just a few vigorous dunks in very warm but not hot water. The yarn didn’t bloom as much as it just softened quite a bit. It was spun with a pretty good twist to keep it together, then plied to be balanced.

Chocalpaca close-up

The singles were pretty uneven in spots, totally the result of my hurried spinning, not the fiber. This could easily have been spun finer, but I was in a must-finish-something mood, and I also wanted a little sturdier shawl as a finished product.

Chocalpaca with EC 25 cents
Chocalpaca with 25 cents EC, about the size of a US quarter

The East Caribbean Dollar is the currency of most of the Eastern Caribbean island nations and territories.

Final specs: 3oz, 2-ply, 19-22wpi which makes it (as predicted) a heavy laceweight/light fingering weight, 9tpi, 286 yds.

So, I immediately cast on for the Cleite Shawl. The pattern, from Miriam Felton of MimKnits, was part of the club package, though she’s test knitting a full size version and so I’m guessing the pattern will be available soon.

Cleite Shawl - chart 1
Just beginning, though Chart 1

Cleite Shawl - chart 1 detail

The alpaca is knitting up beautifully, and this will be a sturdy, soft, warm shoulder-size shawl.