Monday, November 5, 2007

A Whirlwind

We got back from Montserrat late Wednesday night, and my brain has been foggy since. The transition from hot humid tropical weather to actual Autumn was a bit of a shock. We’re swamped with work – and as self-employed persons (the Hubs and I) we cannot complain about that. The cats are stuck to me like I am made of Velcro. And we’re leaving again on Tuesday. Las Vegas. No, seriously, it’s for business, though I’m going to try to find a couple of local yarn shops for the above-mentioned whirlwind visit.

Lace Class for Monday night has been postponed and may be November 19 and December 3 instead. It’s beginner lace, and the scarf pattern Mimi wants me to use is very simple garter-stitch lace, but very pretty when done and blocked. I knit the sample in my handspun merino/tencel, which is a bit heavier than what was used in VLT.

I plan to cover the basics of lace stitches and chart reading, yarns, needles, and some helpful tips that will be useful for not only scarves and shawls, but any lace garment. I see lots of socks, sweaters, hats and mitts in books, the mags, and online with lace as a component.

A good bit of time was spent while away preparing handouts and swatching several simple lace patterns, so I’ll be ready, whenever class is held! Knowing that the class hadn’t been publicized, I wasn’t too surprised that only one student signed up, and others that wanted to take it hadn’t heard about it. Oh well.

It wasn’t a waste of time. Prepping for a class made me think about how I think about my knitting, what I know, what I have learned about lace knitting specifically, and what I want to teach a beginner about lace techniques that I think will make it more fun. I love to show people how to do things, but it’s a different thing to think about how to do that in a more organized way and to a group. How do you show various knitters in ways that work for them – some learn by eye, some by ear, some by hand. How much time to spend without going too fast or too slowly. I’ve had some really great classes at the LYS and Stitches, and some pretty meh ones as well. I’ve set the bar high for myself.

So, anyway, I’ve been neglecting the blog, and have been distracted from my knitting. WIP status as follows:

Knitspot Anne’s Hypoteneuse Stole has been my airplane knitting. And it’s grown to 8.5 of 18 repeats. Almost halfway. I’ll get you a new photo when it looks different! It’s still an easy fun knit, and perfect for the plane.

I’m way behind on the Secret of the Stole, and expect to catch up some while cooling my heels in Vegas. There’s no real reason for me to go except to keep the Hubs company and go to a bunch of cocktail parties on Thursday night. We’ll drive out to Red Rock Canyon the day we arrive, and I’ll hit the art galleries at Bellagio and the Venetian (where the conference is being held for the first time). But this is the fifth year in a row, and next year, I’m going to Stitches instead. We’re lame. We’ve not put so much as a quarter in a slot machine while there, and after 8am to 5pm in the conference, Hubs isn’t so awake for the shows. But, I get to hang out and knit in my spare time.

Here’s the stole through Hint 2.5 reclining in the oleander in Montserrat

Secret of the Stole - Hint 2.5

No Knitting at all on other projects. More Montserrat photos when I get back.