Saturday, January 5, 2008

Spinning: Last FO of 2007, First FO of 2008

In honor of my imminent departure for a week of spinning at the Campbell Folk School, I bring you Romney and Rambo. You may not hear much from me until I return, blogging, commenting or email, depending on whether there’s internet access on the school campus.

Goblin Eyes:

Goblin Eyes - 1
Spunky Eclectic Fiber Club, October 2007, Romney, colorway - Goblin Eyes

Given that the Romney fiber is smooth and long-stapled but perhaps not quite soft enough for delicate next-to-skin projects, I decided to spin with medium-high tension for moderate twist in the singles and plied yarn. Something suitable for warm mittens or socks, but probably not a scarf or neck warmer. I was aiming for a sport to DK weight.

Goblin Eyes - 2

This fiber drafted easily, was very easy to spin, and didn’t require a high twist even spun somewhat thin. The roving came in two balls and I used one for each bobbin. I wanted to blend the colors, rather than have color blocks, so working in sections, I split each ball of roving in half lengthwise, and pre-drafted before spinning with a sort of combined forward/backward short draw.

Goblin Eyes - 3

The fiber spun up to a little over 350 yds, and has a nice drapey look, and a soft bouncy feel – in fact, softer than I was expecting. Hmmm, what to make with it? The colors did blend nicely, and might be husband-y enough for a nice scarf for him. Or maybe stick with my original thought of mittens. Something like Knitty’s Broad Street mitten/gloves, for my chilly fingers.

Goblin Eyes - 4


Fiber/Starting Weight: Romney / 3.8oz
Purchased from: Spunky Eclectic Fiber Club October 2007
Spun with: Lendrum DT
Whorl / Tension: 1st bobbin – regular flyer smallest whorl 10:1 / medium-high , 2nd bobbin – fast flyer largest whorl 12:1 / medium-high
Plies/Method: 2-ply / standard, tensioned lazy kate
WPI/Gauge/TPI: ~16 / Sport / 6-7
Yardage/Finished Wt: 354yds / 3.8oz-110g
Started: 12/25/2007
Completed: 12/30/2007


My next project on the wheel was the second 2oz of Rambouillet from Wooly Wonka Fibers. Spun with a goal of matching the first 2oz, spun some months ago, dyeing half, and knitting some more stranded mittens. Maybe for my No More Humdrum Mittens pal?

It’s plied, off the bobbin, washed and almost dry.

I promised Mary I’d get photos before and after wet finishing. I don’t really abuse the fiber, but do give it some vigorous dunks in warm-to-hot water, a soak, and about a dozen good thwacks on the bathroom tile wall before hanging to dry unweighted. Even though spun with quite a bit of twist, this is a fiber that really plumps up a lot with a soak anyway, but it really evened out more than the first skein which was just soaked and dried. Of course, maybe my spinning is more even than it was six months ago too. ;)

Rambouillet Skein Two - Unwashed

Washed, and for full disclosure, only about halfway dry. Otherwise, y’all wouldn’t see this for another week. This might not be the best fiber for this comparison either, since it was going to fluff up a lot anyway.

Rambouillet Skein Two - Washed
Washed and Fluffy


Fiber/Starting Weight: Rambouillet / 2.0oz
Purchased from: Wooly Wonka Fibers, Exotic Fibers Club
Spun with: Lendrum DT
Whorl / Tension: Fast Flyer largest whorl 12:1 / medium-high
Plies/Method: 2-ply / standard, tensioned lazy kate
WPI/Gauge/TPI: ~12 / DK / ~7
Yardage/Finished Wt: ~135yds / 1.8oz
Started: 1/1/2008
Completed: 1/5/2008