Wednesday, January 2, 2008

WIP Wednesday – 2008/01/02

WIP’s in Active Rotation:

Dancing Crayons Poncho: Please, please don’t laugh. Or, go ahead and laugh, I’m glad to provide some amusement. I started this project several years ago during the fifteen minutes ponchos were popular. (Now, I have very fond memories of teenage years and a poncho I used to have, with a pattern of llamas and Andean motifs. Loved that thing, but folks, that was the 1970’s.) Knit with a base of Montera plus a handful of “accent” yarns, it’s a wrap of large mitered squares that is meant to be worn as a shawl (it actually says “sassy shawlette”, yes I know, what was I thinking) or buttoned to form an asymmetrical poncho.

Status: I finished the knitting literally years ago and stopped at the point of selecting and sewing on buttons. Let’s see a show of hands, how many of us have stalled at the buttons?

My squares are a bit larger than the pattern’s, and consequently the fit is droopy and awkward. I’m lukewarm on the mix of nearly novelty yarns with the sturdy Montera, though, damn this thing is warm and my house is chilly. Still, I’ve felt the weight of this unfinished project on my conscience for far too long. So, I’ve ripped out the button band, and picked-up/cast-on for one more square that will make it a symmetrical, super-warm, around the house wrap.

Dancing Crayons Wrap
Proof it's back on the needles

Goal: Before leaving for NC on Sunday, finish the new square and continue the attached i-cord around it. Weave in the rest of the ends. Wear in secret.

Hypoteneuse Stole: Simple, easy knitting, geometric lace, great for travel. Goes quickly in Silky Wool.

Status: At repeat 13.5 of 18.

Hypoteneuse Stole 071121
It will be very cozy

Goal: This will be my travel knitting to NC and back.

MadTini Sock Two: Pattern from Sock Madness, knit in Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock.

Status: The bane of my knitting existence. I have a mental block the size of a train car about these socks. I cannot tell you why because I do not know. Second Sock’s ribbing and 4.5 repeats of 8 on the leg done.

Much Happier Now
This was Sock One as a baby, Sock Two looks just like it

Goal: Finish the leg.

Bird in Hand: Kate Gilbert’s pretty stranded mittens, knit in Berroco Ultra Alpaca. MMMmmm.

Status: First mitten started and halfway up the thumb gusset.

Bird in Hand - Back started
Back of hand and thumb gusset

Goal: Honestly, I don’t know whether I’ll have time to work on this in the next week or not. It’s fun, and an enjoyable knit. I’m not avoiding it, but I want to clear the old WIP’s first.

Rambouillet: Spinning the second 2oz of fiber from Wooly Wonka trying to match the first 2oz spun in June.

So, I’ll have enough for Mittens, Anne.

Status: Spun the first bobbin.

Rambouillet Skein One
The skein I’m trying to match

Goal: Spin the second bobbin and ply before I leave for NC.

WIP’s on Time Out:

Sea Fever Cardigan: Simple gansey pattern cardigan, knit with Berroco Ultra Alpaca in the heathery lilac color Status: On Hold until things quiet down this month.

Sea Fever Cardi, progress 071008


Secret of the Stole: Ripped and reclaimed the yarn and beads.

Mystery Stole 3: Ripped and reclaimed the yarn and beads.

Tangled Yoke Cardi: Abandoned, though I may work the garter rib and cable pattern into the shaping of an EZ EPS.

Startitis Alert:

Resisting so far casting on for the Spring Surprice Shawl [sic].

PS: Format completely borrowed from How The West Was Spun.