Wednesday, January 16, 2008

WIP Wednesday – 2008/01/16

WIP’s in Active Rotation:

Dancing Crayons Poncho:
Status: It’s Done!
But, here’s my confession of Boneheaded Knitting Maneuver #1.

This project was on hold for a Loooooong time. All the various yarns and the pattern and the needles in their package were in a large tote bag. Taunting me from under the work table that I couldn’t just Waiting patiently for me to decide to add another square or just sew the buttons on and be done.

So, when I went back to work on this project a couple of weeks ago, I pulled out the needles from their package labeled US9 and picked up/cast on the last square and knit away (you know where this is going, right?) for thirty rows or so. Then I thought, Man, I sure seem to be knitting a lot tighter than I used to, and Gee this square seems to be pulling in a little more than the others. Because the needles in the package were US7. Argh.

Dancing Crayons Wrap - gauge issues
My shame, here on the blog for all to see

I’m ordinarily a Do It Right sort of knitter. But ripping and re-knitting those 2500 stitches was not on my agenda. So, I wet the offending stitches and blocked them hard overnight to see if I could get away with my laziness. Score: Laziness 1 – Offending Stitches 0. No one will ever know. You won’t tell will you?

Dancing Crayons Wrap
Yes, in fact, the Xmas lites ARE still up on the deck

What have I learned? Check the needle size when you pull out an old UFO. Better yet, check the stupid needle size before you put it away in “its” package!

I’ve got some ends to weave in at SnB tonight to really and truly be Done. But, I’m wearing it now, it’s very warm and cozy, and perfect for our chilly house.

Dancing Crayons Wrap - Done
Unwoven ends, flapping in the breeze

Goal: Weave in ends, maybe steam block it.

Hypoteneuse Stole:
Still at repeat 13.5 of 18. I didn’t knit a single stitch on this while traveling, in favor of The Sock.

Goal: Get back to work on Hypoteneuse and try to finish it this week.

MadTini Sock Two: Pattern from Sock Madness, knit in Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock.
Status: Well, this turned out to be my travel knitting. I knit down the leg on the plane and during odd moments of free time, knit the heel flap (Eye of Partridge, pretty), turned the heel, decreased the gusset, and was several rounds into the foot (you know where this is going again, right?) when I pulled out Sock #1 and thought Man, I sure seem to be knitting a lot tighter, and Gee I can’t even get this sock on my foot! Yes, it’s Boneheaded Knitting Maneuver #2. I knit the heel of the second sock at a completely different gauge than the first.

MadTiniTwo gusset
MadTini Two, Gusset Take Two

This time I Did The Right Thing. So, sitting and knitting at Knitch, wiling away the hours before I really had to go to the Atlanta airport, I pulled the sock back to the heel turn, re-picked up the gusset and am most of the way back to where I was, but knitting at a civilized gauge this time.

Goal: Finish the foot and send to my sister C.

Bird in Hand: Kate Gilbert’s pretty stranded mittens, knit in Berroco Ultra Alpaca. MMMmmm.

Status: First mitten started and halfway up the thumb gusset.

Goal: This might have to wait a while longer since these are for me and I need to get class prep knitting done, and my swap mittens.

Rambouillet: Spinning the second 2oz of fiber from Wooly Wonka to match the first 2oz spun in June.

Status: Done, plied, and twist set.

Rambouillet Skein Two - Washed
With Skein One, enough for some mittens

Swap Mittens: NEW!

Status: I’ve got my swap pal’s info and some special requests. A search will begin through the pattern archives, and my new copies of Lizbeth Upitis’ Latvian Mittens and Nancy Bush’s Folk Knitting in Estonia for inspiration.

Goal: Select a pattern, find the yarn (hopefully in stash), and get started.

Class Knitting: NEW!

Status: I’ve been asked to teach another round of Beginner Lace and Beginner Socks at The Needle Lady. Depending on the schedule for my Dad’s surgery (currently mid-Feb unless he postpones for a few months), and my trip to FL to assist him, I have a few weeks to pull this together. This time for Lace, we’ll use Evelyn Clark’s Leaf Lace Shawl as the class project. So, I need to actually knit a small sample of the shawl, and write up a few notes.

For the Sock class, Mimi wants me to knit up and write up a store pattern for a basic worsted weight sock. Again, I’ve got a few weeks, but just need to get started on this. Speaking of which, I’ll probably use Ann Budd’s Getting Started Knitting Socks as a reference, unless someone has a better suggestion for absolute beginners.

Goals: Start a mini-Leaf Lace Shawl as a sample for the shop. Start knitting a worsted weight sock and drafting a basic sock pattern.

WIP’s on Time Out:

Sea Fever Cardi: Simple gansey pattern cardigan, knit with Berroco Ultra Alpaca in the heathery lilac color

Status: On Hold until things quiet down.

Felted Tote:
Status: Another resurrection from the long-term UFO pile. I started this several years ago, found the heavy worsted weight yarn is hard on my wrists, and set it aside. But, I want to get it done and off the list, so, I’ll try to pick away at it. Currently I have all the outside pockets knit, the base done, and sides (in-the-round) at about 4.5 of about 18”.

Goal: Knit a bit when I can.


Nothing new RIP’d this week.

Startitis Alert:

I’ve wound some Alpaca Fino, but am still resisting casting on for the Spring Surprice Shawl [sic]. I feel my resolve weakening however.