Friday, February 15, 2008

A Good Outcome!

In case it takes me another few days to catch up on emails, please let me thank you all here for good wishes, thoughts, and prayers for my Dad! Though there was risk of stroke or worse, he came through surgery very well yesterday, and the surgeon said the blockage was such that it's a very good thing he went through with this. After a night in the ICU, he's home this afternoon, and is not so good at the resting.

You know how you sometimes have to make a two-year old just lie down and be quiet at naptime even though they don't think they're tired, and a few minutes later they are sound asleep? Yeah, it's like that.

I've gotten some knitting done. Including two egregiously mis-crossed cables on Swap Mitt #1, way back about halfway down, on the plane, I guess I wasn't paying enough attention. I've gone on to get most of #2 done (correctly) while in the waiting room yesterday and after a little time out will rip #1 to the offending area and knit it back up again.

And, lastly, some people talk on their cellphones in the waiting room, loudly enough for, um, all the rest of us to hear, about really entertaining, but wildly inappropriate topics. Like her cheating husband, and how he's acting like he's all mad at her, and she "accidentally" erased 5,000 of his emails including the ones from "that woman", and now he is in surgery for a badly messed up knee. I think maybe it's karma, or something.