Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Thirty Nine Degrees and Raining

Mitten Swap Pal Irene (reanbean on Ravelry) asked:
“in VA, how often do you wear mittens? LOL”

Snow Day 20080117
Not today, and maybe not typical, but we do actually have a Winter here

Since I’m known for my popsicle digits, my answer is “Often!” Today, in fact, since this post's title is an accurate reflection of the day's weather! My return from “Winter” weather in Sarasota to Central Virginia’s chilly damp hasn’t been too bad, but it was nice to have wonderful warm mittens this morning.

Go look at all the amazing stranded mittens on Irene’s Projects page. Did I luck out with a swap pal, or what? These are my fabulous new mittens, the Petseri Mittens by Aino Praakli, a reconstruction of an Estonian pattern.

Mitten Swap Mittens from Irene
Looks like Winter around here

Knit with a main color of lovely fingering weight Fleece Artist Merino in a slightly variegated Ivory/Oatmeal and a contrast color of Shelridge Farm Soft Touch Handpainted Ultra in shades of turquoise olive, and spruce. Are they Soft? Check. Warm? Check. Match my new parka? Check.

Mitten Swap Mittens - Detail
The pattern makes me think of dancers with their arms outstretched

But, Wait, there’s more! Knitting Yarns and Spinning Tales, a collection of knitting essays, and a cute little card case.

Mitten Swap - Knitting Book
I love books like this for a little bit of bedtime reading

Soothing warm beverages! And how did Irene know about my chronically chapped hands?

Mitten Swap Extras - Cocoa Tea and Balm

Still not done yet! The latest Piecework magazine has an article on and pattern for Poetry Mittens - the stranded knitting pattern around the mitts contains a verse. Plus there’s enough Louet Gems fingering weight (the old Pearl) to knit the mittens in the original colors!

Mitten Swap - Yarn and Pattern

Irene, I can't thank you enough for the beautiful mittens, and for putting together such a fun and thoughtful package!

Stay Warm and Happy Knitting!