Wednesday, February 27, 2008

WIP Wednesday: Home Again - February 27, 2008

Well, I'm home and still trying to get caught up. Also, missing the Florida sunshine! But, I've got some little bits of knitting progress to share with you. Little bits of knitting seem to be what's working best for me right now, so might as well make the most of it.


Swap Mittens:
My Pal's mitts for the No More Humdrum Mittens Swap 2 are finished and blocked! I've been assembling goodies for the swap package, and will share more details later.

Mitten Swap Mitts - Blocked
Almost ready to send to my Pal

Leaf Lace Swatch/Sample Teeny Shawlette:
We had the first of two classes last night, and had lots of fun. I can tell you as a newbie instructor, that when a student exclaims unprovoked "Oh, I'm learning lots of new things!," it's nice. Really nice. Kind of goes without saying, but I always try to thank my teachers for something specific I've learned, even in a class where the topic is one familiar to me.

Leaf Lace Sample - Detail
Evelyn Clark's Leaf Lace Shawl, just a few repeats

WIP’s in Active Rotation:

Wyvern Socks:
A free pattern by Marnie Maclean, knit in STR Mustang Sally, a beautiful variegated red.
Status: Sock #1 has a foot, a heel and is one repeat into the leg.

Wyvern Socks - dragon scales
Dragon Scales

Remembering that I'm knitting these toe-up (per the pattern) but with mods to the short row toe and heel, I wanted to experiment with toe-up flap heels and swatched a bit with two versions - one from Knitty's Baudelaire Sock pattern, and the other a generic version of the free You're Putting Me On Sock by Judy Gibson.

Baudelaire uses a slightly deeper gusset, round heel, w&t short rows, and a heel flap that knitted up just a bit shorter than I usually use. Judy's sock uses a shallower gusset, and rather than using short rows, decreases the heel stitches in a wedge shape, then picks up stitches along the decreased edge before also knitting a flap while incorporating the gusset stitches.

Clearly, I need to knit some more swatches, include some short row heels, and post some photos to show you the differences. Why the fascination with toe-up flap heels? Well, first, I have a long foot (size 11, that's about 10-3/4"), my sisters wear 10 and 12, my Mother a 10, my husband a mens' 11. So, I worry about running out of yarn no matter whose socks I'm knitting. Do you know how annoying it is to knit the leg a little shorter than you really want to be sure to have enough, then wind up with, say, 20g of yarn leftover? Yep, that's the extra inch I wanted. I've been knitting flap heels since they seem to fit a little better, and wanted to combine the two. So, I'm on a mission to find MY favorite heel.

Goal: Finish Sock #1.

Returning to Active Rotation this week are two old friends that, now that a little dust has settled, I want to get back to work on. I'm determined to get my remaining UFO's done, hopefully before my resolve weakens and I start some other bright shiny new project.

Bird in Hand:
Kate Gilbert’s pretty stranded mitten pattern, knit in Berroco Ultra Alpaca, charcoal and blue.
Status: First mitten was started and halfway up the thumb gusset a while back. Here's the old photo to refresh your memory.

Bird in Hand - Back started
Back of hand and thumb gusset

Goal: Finish Mitten #1.

Sea Fever Cardigan:
Simple gansey pattern cardigan, knit with Berroco Ultra Alpaca in heathery lilac.
Status: When last we saw SFC, the ribbing was done, and while partway through the first repeat of the body, I decided to add some steek stitches at the cardigan front, and knit this rascal in the round. There's just a little of the gansey pattern that occurs on the WS rows. The combination of all that purling (which makes my hand ache after a while) and WS pattern was making this sweater slower and more tedious than it really needed to be. The front edge gets turned under and a button band picked up anyway, so let's hope I don't knit to regret this!

Sea Fever Cardi, progress 071008
I love this sweater and it's been very patient waiting for me

Goal: Sort out where I was in the pattern, and (modest goal) knit an inch.

A New Category for WIP Wednesday,
WIP's Not Very Active, But Not Quite On Hold, and Just Sort Of There:

One-Row Scarf in Ring of Fire Handspun Merino:
From the Yarn Harlot, in my handspun. Still occasionally picking this up and knitting a few rows.
Status: 9 inches
One Row Scarf
I miss the Hibiscus

Goal: Knit, no hurry.

Startitis Alert:
Still hoping to get to the wheel in the next few days. Turns out I'm not going down to Mathews since I won't get to see much of the Hubs anyway. So, I'm a fiber bachelorette until Sunday night!