Wednesday, March 5, 2008

WIP Wednesday Lite – March 5, 2008

How did it get to be Wednesday again so soon? What have I been doing for the past week to get so little knitting done?

Well, one reason is that the Hubs got home on Saturday, and I hadn’t seen him since February 12. I went off to take care of my Dad, and he’s been away helping settle his father’s estate. Before he leaves again for a long-ago-planned week in FL with some pals, we had to get some serious work done.

See, I work with the Hubs in the consulting business he started with two partners 14 years ago this month. Over time, one partner was excused, the secretary left for greener pastures, and the other partner was bought out, leaving just the Hubs. Shortly after I met the future-Hubs, I left a career in construction management (the last four years spent with non-profits) that had left me burned out and a bit crispy around the edges, to “help out” in the office while I hunted for a new job. Seven years ago. Sometimes we work really hard, long hours. Sometimes we have a lot of free time. Sometimes it’s stressful working without a safety net. Sometimes just the thought of going back to having a boss and a “real job” gives me the shivers.

But, this is supposed to be about Knitting. I can make this brief. I’ve knit a few inches on the handspun scarf. I’ve spun a bit (that’s a post for another day). I’ve started a top secret project (twice to find the yarn I liked) that you can’t see until a little bit later. No I didn’t knit on the sock, or the mittens, or the sweater. Because I am Bad.

Peer pressure won’t work unless you make me feel like a slacker for my lack of progress, OK.

You will get a two-fer today though as I’ll have a post on the stretchy bind-off used on the mitts up in a little bit.

Startitis Alert:
What am I supposed to do now that my Wooly Wonka Seasons of Lace package has arrived? Zephyr 2/18 in a rich spruce green and a brand new pattern, Zephyros by Miriam Felton. Go look at Mim’s photos as they really capture how pretty this project is going to be.