Wednesday, March 19, 2008

WIP Wednesday - Mad Slacker edition

All the WIP's have been sadly neglected, again. But, I did knit something!

FO - Zombie Socks:

The first round pattern for Sock Madness 2 was released last Thursday, and I knit a pair of socks in about four and a half days. With lots of breaks. I missed making the cut in the first round last year, literally by minutes, and I was determined this year. Determined, I tell you!

Sock Madness 2 Zombie

Zombie Socks, designed for SM2 by Emm1e, were knit in Colinette Jitterbug, Castagna colorway, on US0/2mm circs. Because the very stretchy drop stitch consumes extra yarn, I finished up the toes with some Koigu KPM.

When I say this pattern is stretchy, I mean STRETCHY! Like, I could fit both feet in there stretchy. The drop stitch is easy to knit, and looks OK in this variegated yarn. Though I think it looks better in the photos I've seen of it knit in semi-solids. Knitting this again, I would definitely reduce the stitch count, by one or two repeats around the leg, then add stitches for the plain stockinette portion of the foot if needed.

The eye-of-partridge heel flap was knit with a garter border, and gusset stitches were picked up in the ridges. Several knitters opined on Ravelry that this was quite a bit fiddlier than picking up the bars between, but all agreed it gives a nice finished look, with no holes and gaps.

Sock Madness 2 Zombie - Heel detail
Click for bigger

Given how much extra fabric was knit, I ran just short on the toes using one of the old put-up 100g skeins of Jitterbug, and finished with some Koigu. But, I do think I could get a pair of socks, even for my size 11 canoes, out of one skein of Jitterbug. For the competition, I knit 9 full repeats of the drop-stitch pattern, then a few plain rows before the toe decreases. They were still a bit short for me, so I've already ripped the toes and am re-knitting them with a few more plain rows.

Sock Madness 2 Zombie - Toe
Here's a good look at the drop stitch pattern, too

ETA: I forgot to mention, that I really enjoyed knitting with the Jitterbug. It's tightly spun but not as stiff as the STR lightweight I'm using for the Wyvern Socks. I was knitting with a combination of Addi and KnitPicks US0's, and didn't find the yarn to be splitty at all. The finished socks have a nice sturdy but cushy feel. I expect the fabric will bloom a little with a soak, and I'll let you know after a wash how the dye holds up.

Other WIP's:

All languishing, except that next up when the sock toes are finished this AM is the Secret Project. It's still a secret, but here's the yummy yarn I'm using.

Secret Project - Yarn
Lovely to knit

Startitis Alert:
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