Wednesday, March 26, 2008

WIP Wednesday: She Who Knits and Runs Away...

Rips and Knits another day!

The Wyvern Sock cannot make me feel guilty anymore. I loved the color of the STR Mustang Sally, the firm dense yarn, the dragon scales, and the new toe-up flap heel I tried. Just, not all at once. I was well past the heel on the first sock, but this yarn wants to be something else (toe-up Monkeys, Kate?) The pattern wants to be knit with something else, something lighter and less dense. The foot was a little too long and I didn't want to give these to my sister, I wanted to keep them for myself. RIP. Problems solved. That was easy.

STR Monkey Sock toe-up
Monkey, Maybe?

Or maybe since Sock Madness Round Two calls for STR this sock toe will not survive the week either. We'll see.

And, I love the Sea Fever Cardi too. No, don't worry, I haven't ripped it. But, I'm giving myself permission to put this on the back burner again. Small projects are better suited to my necessarily short attention span right now. I'm leaving in two and a half weeks to spend two and a half weeks in Seattle with my nephews while my other sister is away. I need to get the taxes done, a bunch of client work done, the house Spring Cleaned because the Hubs has out-of-town guests coming while I'm away, wash some fleece, and finish the secret project, and y'know, stuff.

And knit the second round of Sock Madness, which starts next Tuesday. So,...

WIP’s in Active Rotation:

Bird in Hand: Kate Gilbert’s stranded mitten pattern, knit in Berroco Ultra Alpaca, charcoal and blue.

Status: First mitten Done! Second mitten cast on! My gauge has worked out to between 6.5 and 7 stitches per inch, for a mitten that's just a tiny bit large on me. I think fulling it slightly will be just the ticket. Click each photo for bigger!

Bird in Hand - Mitten One back

Bird in Hand - Mitten One palm

Bird in Hand - Inside back
The inside? Why yes, I can show you the inside

Bird in Hand - Inside palm
Why no, I haven't woven the ends in yet

Goal: Work on Mitten #2. I'd like to finish this project soon.

Secret Project: Still a secret, but it's coming along after a break for Sock Madness, and a mitten. It is soft and pretty.

Status: About halfway done.

Secret Project - detail

Goal: Finish in the next week!

Startitis Alert:

Meh. A spring sweater (didn't I just put a sweater on hold?) A shawl, which one? Truthfully, I'm having a bit of knitting and spinning and blogging ennui. I have some reasons. It will pass.

I'm looking forward to signing up for and hopefully getting into a workshop at SOAR. I'll be teaching a basic lace class at the Fall Fiber Festival. And I'm working out how and where I might teach occasional knitting classes at some other venue, since it did NOT have a happy outcome teaching at the LYS.