Wednesday, April 9, 2008

WIP Wednesday – Missing in Action

Well, I wish I could tell you I’ve been off on some adventure that’s kept me from my knitting. I could make something up. The truth, it’s just an ordinary slump, and the distractions of a hundred tiny details. Like my Mother is moving here this Summer. I did organize and sell a quantity of stash last week. Filed our taxes. And just need one more piece of info to finish my Mom’s taxes. Yes, I know.

But, I have a few little things on the needles, and some mods to a sock heel that I’ll share in another post. Maybe later today.

Saturday, I head to Seattle and am staying ‘til the end of the month with my three nephews while my sister is in China. Very exciting for her, and a great chance for me to spend a lot of time with the boys who seem to grow up too quickly when I only get to see them once a year. I’ll be able to work from there, and of course Knitters and Spinners, I’ve got to figure out what to take with me.

Now fortunately, Seattle has something like a half-dozen LYSs, so I’m not too worried about the odd needle size or notion. Hmm, what projects to take? I’ve got socks and mitts underway, so they are easy. But I want to take one big project along that’s not too complicated so I can knit it with distractions, so no lace. I liked Margene’s Scoop du Jour, and have been thinking about the Central Park Hoodless (like Ann’s), and have a sweater’s worth of Mountain Colors 4/8’s in the stash. And I’m taking my sadly neglected spinning wheel since I’ll have free time while the guys are at school and there’s a big spin-in at Weaving Works next weekend.

But now, the real reason you are here, the Knitting, what there is of it.

Ripped and Frogged:
This week the dear departed get their own category. That says a lot.

Reversai Socks - RIP:
Sock Madness 2, Round 2. This is an interesting, gansey-ish patterned, completely reversible sock with a garter stitch short-row heel and sole. But all that purling did me in.

Reversai Sock - abandoned
Love the yarn, it’s Black Bunny Fibers superwash merino sock, mmmmm

With the distractions of having Mom here to look at the rent house, I was a day behind, had made it past the heel, and was a bit down the foot on Sock #1. There were 15 of 20 spots filled in my division, and my arm and hand hurt. It’s possible I could have finished in time, but I figured it was better to spare the arm and let my spot go to someone who could really enjoy competing in Round 3.

Monkey Socks, Because Kate Said So – RIP:
This was what, the third go at knitting a sock with this yarn? Stubborn much? I love the colors. But the STR is so dense I just must knit it at a looser gauge or it is no fun at all for me. The pretty pale turquoise BBF will make some nice Monkey Socks.

STR Monkey Sock toe-up
At least I figured it out before I got very far along!

A Sweater that shall not even be named:
Cast on and knit about an inch, twice, for a top-down raglan and decided to destash the yarn instead of knitting the sweater.
wool bamboo

It’s Classic Elite Wool BamBoo in a gorgeous medium steely blue that I just love, but just cannot get a gauge I like since I’m such a loose knitter. I love the fabric when this yarn is knit firmly, but do not see an entire sweater on US3’s at the moment.

WIP’s in Active Rotation:

Charade Socks:
To cleanse the palate, I started yet another sock with the STR and this time we have a winner. The Charade Sock, by Sandra Park. It’s simple, fast, easy, looks great, and doesn’t hurt my arm.

Charade in STR - Herringbone Rib
Love the subtle variegation with the herringbone rib!

Since I want to get every bit of leg length I can out of the STR, I’m knitting toe-up. I fiddled a short-row heel with a mini-gusset and slip stitch flap. It looks odd off the foot, but it worked perfectly and fits, so you’ll get details in a separate post.

I’m nearly done with the Secret Project.

Startitis Alert:

I’ll take some easy fun spinning projects with me to Seattle. I am all about the easy and fun these days, aren’t I? And maybe start that easy fun sweater. And write up a pattern for the easy fun cabled fingerless mitts. That’s probably enough to keep me busy for two and a half weeks!