Wednesday, April 23, 2008

WIP Wednesday – Soccer Aunt

(Three boys x two teams each) + violin lessons + (missed school bus x 2) + (mixed up dr appointments x 2) + three grocery stores + (Lowes x 2) + three yarn shops = many miles.

I’m getting a bit of knitting done though. It’s been hectic, but since I usually only get to see my nephews about once a year, and on hurried vacation visits, it’s been so great just being a part of regular life here. There’s a week to go in Seattle, and I already miss my Boys.

And while I’ve had some time to check blogs, I’ve been terribly remiss on comments, and owe everyone a Thank You for comments left here in the past two weeks.

WIP’s in Active Rotation:

Charade Socks:
Charade Sock #2 has suffered terrible neglect in favor of brighter shinier projects. So sad! But, I have a long plane ride home and socks make better travel knitting than sweaters or lace.

Goal: Knit past the heel before I get home

Scoop du Jour:
Just started this sweater last week, and it's moving fast. I swatched, but still wanted to get some real knitting in to check my gauge since I know I’m a teensy bit off the 4.5spi called for. I just felt the fabric was going to be a bit loose for the winter sweater I’m visualizing. So, I started with the sleeves, have finished one (my goal from last week), and am past the deep ribbing and into the increases on the second!

Scoop du Jour - First Sleeve Done

I’m such a sock and laceweight knitter most of the time, that this heavy worsted weight seems to grow by leaps and bounds. Gotta keep at it though and not get let myself get distracted. Still loving the Mountain Colors 4/8’s. It’s nice and smooth, soft but doesn’t seem like it’s going to be pilly, and it’s fast.

Scoop du Jour - colors

Goal: Finish Sleeve Two. Maybe cast on the Back?

Scoop du Jour - Second sleeve

Mystery Lace Stole:
Umm, Startitis? What Startitis?
A new mystery lace KAL that caught my eye. A quick trip to Bad Woman Yarn later, I cast on and knit Clue 1, once with beads and once without (the first clue was very small). I’m going with the non-bead edging as it means about a thousand fewer beads. I like the beads, really I do. But, one thousand extra beads. No.

Mystery Lace 1 Stole - Clue 1 without beads
Without Beads, Classic Elite Silky Alpaca Lace, mmmmmm

Mystery Lace 1 Stole - Clue 1 with beads
With Beads

Goal: Clue 2 may be delayed a few days, so this may go on the plane with me, or may have to wait until I’m home next week.

Boy #3 Wristies:
He wants wristies. I knit wristies.

Floyd's wristie
In the running to be favorite Aunt

I’ve got to tell you that this is the Boy who loves projects – though his sticking with things needs a little work. I taught him to knit on a visit a couple of years ago. He sat down at a wheel and I taught him to spin in an hour. We’ve repaired the toilet flapper, and practiced soldering. The light in the breakfast nook needs to be fixed. He cooks and has poured concrete. He has more power tools than his Dad. He’s 12.

WIP’s On Hold:

Bird in Hand Mittens:
Sorry BiH! I’ll be back.

Startitis Alert:
Who knows what tomorrow will bring in the way of temptation.